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Mark Harwood's third album under his Astor moniker slips away from the obtuse atmospheres and concrete field recordings of Alcor and Inland (released on Graham Lambkin's Kye label in 2012 and 2013 respectively). Lina in Nida sits more in a melodic electronic framework covering a wide range of sonic and emotional states. 

"The East" initiates proceedings as a proposed anthem for Britain during a potential invasion by ISIS.

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Rabbit Eclipse is the second full-length recording from the legendary Księżyc following on from their self titled debut from 1996.

The Moon never went away.

The 2013 the Penultimate Press re-issue of Księżyc’s timeless debut exposed the band to a large new audience resulting in a return to live performance and the subsequent development of new material.

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Matthew P. Hopkins and Chris Schueler were Vincent Over the Sink and 22 Coloured Bull-Terriers was their 23-track opus.

“Think about music, but then dig a hole.”

Hidden beneath an astoundingly diverse range of experimental and DIY output by Hopkins (The Bowles, Naked On The Vague; Penultimate Press, Vittelli, Kye) and Schueler (The Bowles; Kye) is the disorienting, psychedelic mess of VOtS’s 22 Coloured Bull-Terriers.

Limited handmade art packaged version in an edition of 25 numbered copies. 20 available for direct sales only.

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Originally released as a box set by Harbinger Sound in 2002 in an edition of 300 copies.

The Penultimate Press version kindly donated from remaining stock by Steve Underwood at Harbinger Sound is an exquisite hand made art edition in an extremely limited edition of 25 copies. 5 to artist and collaborators, 20 available to general public.

email: info@penultimatepress.com to order

email: info@penultimatepress.com to order

email: info@penultimatepress.com to order

Doubtshapes – 3:16

Habit Worn & Wandering – 7:28

No Cradle for the Whole of it – 5:20

Each All in Another All – 4:52

Glassblower – 4:47

Empty, Circle, Tremble – 5:56

Shipbreaking – 5:02

Grace in Expectation – 5:26


Cradle for the Wanting is the anticipated second album by vocalist Ian William Craig.