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"C05" CD £5

"C05" CD & CAME to CALL MINE BOOK £15 

"C05" presents an 18-minute composition, which draws from the texts and themes of Came to Call Mine, presenting a strange lattice of fragmented narration and juvenile musical vision. 

Came to Call Mine is an extensive full-color art book by visionary musician, artist, and writer Graham Lambkin. Playing out like a children's book for adults, Came to Call Mine features 50 hand-drawn illustrations coupled with simplistic corresponding texts. Lambkin's mischievous combination of figurative and abstract elements lends Came to Call Mine a jarring, dreamlike quality, confusing the eye by placing innocent childlike totems against a darker adult undercurrent.

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Music: Robert Piotrowicz.

Cast direction: Lukáš Jiřička, Robert Piotrowicz.

Adaptation and dramaturgy: Lukáš Jiřička.

Text: Helmut Kajzar.

Actors: Klara Bielawka, Joanna Drozda, Miłogost Reczek.

Master and cut: Rashad Becker at D&M. 

Voice recordings: Robert Piotrowicz at Recognition Studio. 

Original artwork: Josef Bolf

Helmut Kajzar recorded Samoobrona. Magiczny manifest [Eng. Self-defence.

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New works by Swiss Musique Concrete composer and visual artist Marc Zeier / G*Park. Active since the early 80’s Zeier was a founding member of the Schimpfluch-Gruppe. He lives and works in Zürich as a composer, installation- and video-artist and plankton fisherman. Gour presents one long composition of his highly fascinating and unique crypto electro-acoustics based solely of micro field-recordings and natural phenomena.

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Second Pressing;

Edition of 250 on infused ocean-blue & black wax, with colored insert (different insert artwork than first pressing). Includes digital download.

Recital here presents the premiere LP by vocalist Ian William Craig (b. 1980, Edmonton). Ian, a trained opera singer,  delivers an elegant balance between theatrical and ambient sentiments.

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Third part in the reissue series of all the legendary Selten Gehörte Musik records from the 70’s. This is the Münchner Konzert 1974 performed by all-star artist line-up of Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Oswald Wiener, Hermann Nitsch and Günter Brus. Originally published as a 3LP-Box by Hansjörg Mayer in 1975.

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Penultimate Press is proud to announce the re-issue of two lp’’s and two ep’s centered around the field recording based works by legendary French act Étant Donnés. Aurore (PP13) Royaume / Aimant + Aimant (PP14) and Bleu will be released individually with a box to house all 3 releases coming out alongside the 2LP Bleu re-issue mid-year.

Through them, it is the volume of each word that becomes an “object-sculpture”.

Extraordinary release. Essential for all.

Schwarze Riesenfalter

Black butterflies crowd the midnight sky.

A beacon pierces the offshore mist with firelight.

We awaken to the flutter of bats, a passage of hawks.

An icy wind of bleached birches and synthesized snow.

Rude chorus of fragmented mouths submerged in rumor.

The king lies deposed, un-dead.

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Radu Malfatti/Keith Rowe - Φ 3CD £25

Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil - Objets Infernaux CD £13

Michael Pisaro/Taku Sugimoto 2 seconds / b minor / wave CD £13

Eric La Casa/Taku Unami - Parazoan Mapping CD £13

Toshiya Tsunoda/Manfred Werder - Detour £13

Jürg Frey/Radu Malfatti - II 2CD £16

Jeph Jerman/Tim Barnes - Matterings  CD £13

Antoine Beuger / Michael Pisaro - This place / is love CD £13

Graham Lambkin/Jason Lescalleet The Bread

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There is little controversy in suggesting that all that music consists of, essentially, is structured sound, and sound, to skirt its physics for want of both competency and space, represents the audible portion of an elapsed period.