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Ora Clementi is the pen name of Canadian sound artist and improvisor crys cole and Australian performer and composer James Rushford. crys has previously  collaborated with Keith Rowe and Oren Ambarchi (Bocian records) whilst James worked alongside Joe Talia on the highly acclaimed 'Manhunter' LP (Kye).  Penultimate Press is proud to unveil this duo's new hermetic world of sound, song and speech.  Employing farfisa, contact mics, percussion, viola, recordings of James' pet chickens, ocarinas, piano and miscellaneous junk 'Cover you will softer me' slides from the sublime to the startling where individual elements delicately fold and fall amongst an unnerving tableaux of failed lip readings, haunted hiss, piano motifs and glistening debris.

Limited edition cassette compilation. Exclusive material from Half High, Astor, Moniek Darge, Graham Lambkin, Vicky Langan, Jacques Brodier, Matthew P.Hopkins and Call Back the Giants.

3 CD's 3 hours and 36 minutes of music. Comes with a booklet including score excerpts, photographs and extensive liner notes.

Kingsnake Grey is a field recording of sundown in the Congaree National Park in South Carolina. The beautiful and erratic sonic transformation that occurred over the 72 minutes was the model for the other two pieces.

Friday 17 October 2014 

Matthew P.Hopkins / Moniek Darge / Call Back the Giants

Tickets : £10 adv / £12 on the door 

Saturday 18 October 2014 

Astor / Vicky Langan / Graham Lambkin

Tickets : £10 adv / £12 on the door

Door Times : 8pm

Two-day pass : £18

Two days from two labels Penultimate Press (UK) and Kye (USA) who've put out releases from the likes of Graham Lambkin, Henning Christiansen, Stefan Jaworzyn, Jacques Brodier and Matthew P. Hopkins in recent years.

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Compost and Height is pleased to announce the publication of Patrick Farmer’s new book, Yew Grotesque

Farmer has been working on this book for the last year as part of a joint commission from Sound and Music and Forestry Commission England. It was developed during a series of week-long residential trips to Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, where Farmer resided in a log cabin and spent time walking the forested area between Coniston Water and Lake Windermere.

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Kye and Penultimate Press are very proud to present a collaborative release from Moniek Darge (Belgium) and Graham Lambkin (UK).

"I have always been interested in sounds in general. When reading and teaching about the futurists, I fully agreed that the sound of engines and machines could be as interesting as the sound produced by musical instruments.

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Please note all copies of this were withdrawn after a pressing fault was spotted. Plants fault. Will update as soon as new batch land. 

Formed out of the ashes of Y Front in late 1980, the XX Committee were Chris Scarpino, who would later retire from music, and Scott Foust, later of Idea Fire Company, Swill Radio, etc. The goal of the XX Committee was to remove all rock elements from industrial music.

Recital here presents the premiere LP by vocalist Ian William Craig (b. 1980, Edmonton). Ian, a trained opera singer,  delivers an elegant balance between theatrical and ambient sentiments. A Turn of Breath combines the essence of a choral LP from Angel Records or Deutsche Grammophon with the spontaneity of experimental home-recording.

This collection holds twelve works for voice and 1/4″ tape, recorded from 2011-2013.